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Actress Melani Olivares is pregnant

The actress Melani Olivares will be the mother for the third time according to the digital edition of the magazine Hola! It will be the first son in common of the interpreter and the musician Gorka González with whom it contracted marriage months ago. Olivares is the mother of two girls: Martina, whom she adopted in 2007, and four-year-old Manuela, born of her relationship with musician Javier Rojas, known as El Tío Calambres. Gorka, meanwhile, also has two children – a girl and a boy – from a previous previous relationship.

The arrival of the first common son of marriage will put the finishing touch to his love story. It was early May when the actress announced through mysterious messages that she was about to get married. “And he asked her to walk together, and she replied, ‘Yes, I do,'” he wrote in his personal account of Instagram.

Following the request, Melani celebrated her bachelorette party in Valencia. “I’ve been kidnapped! I have the best friends in the world! “He said. Melani enjoyed a “weekend full of surprises and love” with her friends, including Carmen Machi.

The marriage has already returned from their honeymoon and enjoy a great time both personally and professionally. Days before their wedding they worked side by side, since they participated together in the National Festival of Classical Theater of Mérida with the work Los Hilos de Vulcano. Now they fly separately. Melani will be on December 4 at Teatro Marquina representing Bajo Terapia, and Gorka, a musician from the company Toom Park, on tour with the show ReciclART. You visit for more information.

250 km by kayak to help young musicians

Raising nearly $ 200,000 so that a thousand young musicians can live their passion is good, but collecting this amount by traveling the St. Lawrence River between Montreal and Quebec City is even better. Next August, 250 kayakers will sail on the river for four days during the Second Desgagnés Kayak Challenge for Young Musicians of the World.

“This is certainly the longest kayak ride in the world,” said Mathieu Fortier, the organizer of the Challenge and co-founder of Young Musicians of the World, in Trois-Rivières. The latter indicates that each participant must raise $ 2,000 to collect the $ 200,000 discounted. This amount represents 20% of the annual budget of the Young Musicians of the World organization.

Singer Yann Perreau is the spokesperson for Défi kayak. It was also the 130 participants of the first edition. For him, this descent of the river between Montreal and Quebec makes it possible to make aware of all the richness of this ecosystem. “It makes us see the river as we have never seen it. We’ve talked about wastewater in the river a lot lately, and the challenge is to make people aware of this river, “he said.

No need to be a top athlete to participate in the best tandem kayak for the money Challenge.This can be done in relay (32.5 km per day) or in complete course (65 km per day). The currents of the river will also help the participants to traverse these distances. This challenge is divided into four stages, with stopovers in Sorel-Tracy, Saint-Quentin Island in Trois-Rivières and Portneuf.

The president and CEO of the Port of Trois-Rivières, Gaétan Boivin, although he is a fit man and has often criss-crossed the St. Lawrence River on ships, he is not a regular kayak. He has, however, agreed to participate in this second Young Musicians of the World Kayak Challenge.

“I normally sail on large ships,” he confesses with a smile on his face. “It will allow me to discover the river, its banks and its nature from another angle. This is very interesting at a time when the government is developing its maritime strategy. ”

The organizers of the second Kayak Challenge are in the recruitment phase for this event, which will take place from 18 to 21 August. It is possible to register on the Challenge website at Participants will be provided with a training program to adequately prepare for this 250 km trek. Those participating in the Challenge who do not have a kayak will be able to rent from partner companies at attractive rates. The boats will even be delivered to the departure site and recovered at the end of the journey.

Young musicians from the world also provide logistics, transport, meals as well as security during the event. In addition, three concerts will be offered to participants during stopovers. Although some artists remain to be confirmed, the organizers already note that the singer Alex Nevsky will be among the number.

Top 10 movies about music

Music is a fundamental element in life. It is an essential tool for cinema, because they are two things that go hand in hand and one complements the other, but also music has been the basis of many films.

We are not talking about musical films, nor about films with an exceptional score or soundtrack (which in that case we could not name only 1 movies), nor are we talking about movie2k films about the lives of different musicians, but we are talking about films whose central axis Is music as a theme – which has also cost us a lot of work to reduce it to only 10, but no way we leave 100, it is clear that we have left out documentaries,concert movies and biographical films to give space only to fiction films .

This is our count of the best music films, to see what they think:

  1. The Sound of Noise (Dir. Ola Simonsson, Johannes Stjärne Nilsson, 2010)

A group of musicians seeks to carry out their greatest work of art and create the perfect symphony for the city, but for this they will have to do a series of illegal and almost terrorist acts. Obviously, these acts become the most wanted by the police, which will hinder them from carrying out their work. Will they succeed?

In Sweden and Norway it was released in 2010 and it took two years for it to be seen in the rest of the world.

  1. The Boat that Rocked (Dir. Richard Curtis, 2009)

Set in 1966, it tells the story of a pirate radio station that transmitted from a ship in the North Sea when the rock was vetoed and the DJs who gave life to “Radio Rock” and that are incarnated by Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rhys Ifans , Bill Nighy, Nick Frost and Chris O’Dowd (impossible not to love at least one of the characters). At the same time, “Radio Rock” must fight to be able to transmit, since the British government looks for to end the stations that transmit that type of music. Not only does it have a great soundtrack, it also leaves a great message about music despite being a romantic comedy.


  1. Empire Records (Dir. Alan Moyle, 1995)

A movie that at one time was a failure, but that little by little has become a cult movie. Empire Records is a record store and the film focuses on a single day at this place. One of the employees loses the money of the sale; Joe, the boss seeks to save the place he wants to become part of a chain, a “pop star” who tries to rescue his career will sign autographs, a teenager racer makes his appearance and all this while the staff deals with their own problems and The music does not stop. They can see some familiar faces of very young.


  1. No One Knows About Persian Cats (Dir. Bahman Ghobadi)

After leaving prison, Negar and Ashkan seek to complete the lineup of their band as they traverse the Iranian underground scene. The idea is to form a band to play in London, while also seeking visas that will allow them to leave Tehran . It is a wonder to know the bands that make up the Iranian scene (where there are laws against rock) through a musical search.


  1. Almost Famous (Dir. Cameron Crowe, 2000)

In 1973, William Miller sought to become a music journalist and got his first chance with Rolling Stone covering the tour of Stillwater, a band that is rapidly gaining popularity. William witnesses how the band struggles with his rapid rise, excesses, egos warfare and life on the tour while he himself has to deal with this type of life and his love for Penny Lane, a big fan of the band (Not groupie, it’s a band aid ). It is worth mentioning that Philip Seymour Hoffman also leaves no less than Lester Bangs.


  1. High Fidelity (Dir. Stephen Frears, 2000)

Rob has a record store (in addition to having the best personal record collection) and lists five of his life breaks, while re-arranging his records after his latest breakup.



  1. Frank (Dir. Lenny Abrahamson, 2014)

Frank is a mysterious musical genius, misunderstood by the world and the industry, and apparently the only ones who understand him are his bandmates and Jon Burroughs, a young man with an unhappy life who tries to be a musician. Jon gets into Frank’s band to record an ambitious album and Frank seeks to take the band to a next level, although in the process, he may have to compromise his music. One of the best and most enjoyable performances of Michael Fassbender.


  1. This is Spinal Tap (Dir. Rob Reiner, 1984)

The mockumentary par excellence, portrays the life of the band (semi-fictional) Spinal Tap. Not much to say, except that it is one of the best comedies, which also portrays (and criticizes) the lifestylePretentious and frivolous Glamorous of many of the rock bands.


  1. The Blues Brothers (Dir. John Landis, 1980)

Nothing like music to fight for a just cause and save the underdog. Upon leaving prison, Jack Blues and his brother Elwood decide to reunite their old band to make a special show that helps them to gather money to save the orphanage where they grew up. This may well count as musical, but certainly the main axis is music as a salvation and as a weapon … besides having cameos Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and James Brown (to say only some) playing their own songs, nothing can go wrong .



  1. Rock N ‘Roll Highschool (Dir. Allan Arkush, 1979)

A high school is revealed against its new director, who has banned them rock ‘n’ roll and to end the prohibition are led by Riff Randell (rockanroller) and have the help of the Ramones, casual …

The Beauty Secret Recipe of Artists

Bees conquer Hollywood. Perhaps it is not stardom yet, but the natural sweetener has become a healthy choice and also serves to highlight the beauty of entertainers.

According to several celebrities, honey is the perfect complement to the stressful life the stars wear. It is rumored that Latin artists are the ones who use honey the most, praising the liquid gold of nature for its incomparable healing properties and beautifying. In addition, ensure that honey is the perfect base to increase energy, improve the voice and soften the skin, to name just a few of the uses that give the stars.

For example, one day Shakira wakes up and drinks a smoothie of mango and honey; The former Miss Universe Amelia Vega calms her sore throat with a special honey tea; MTV hostess Englatina Zingg softens her skin with regular honey baths and Bacardi rum heir Carolina Bacardi also adds to her favorite cocktail.

“Honey helps me look great before filming,” confesses model and Venezuelan star Englatina Zingg, who uses honey inside and out. She is convinced that honey has special properties that cleanse the soul and that other foods can not imitate.

“I take a bath of honey at least once a week,” explains Englatina. I rub with honey from the head to the feet and after rinsing my skin is soft as silk and I feel spiritually clean ??.

It’s no surprise that Latino celebrities adopt honey in this way, “says Bruce Wolk, director of marketing for the National Honey Board. You can always rely on the numerous varieties of honey that are in America because they are pure, delicious and top quality ??.

Star Recipes

Shakira Honey and Mango Juice (2 servings)

1 1/2 cup milk
1 fresh mango (peeled and sliced)
3 large tablespoons honey
1 large tablespoon mango jelly
1 cup ice


Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor from Mix until homogeneous. Serve cold. Extra portions can be refrigerated or frozen for fast, healthy food.

 Booster ?? Carolina Bacardi honey (1 serving)

1 lemon (your juice)
1 large spoonful of honey
1 cup orange juice


Mix all the ingredients in a tall glass. Drink in the morning to replace the coffee or to enjoy a fresh and nutritious drink based on honey.

Cleaning of soul with honey, from Englatina (1 bathroom)

1 cup honey
1/4 cup coarse salt


Combine the ingredients in a bowl. In the shower, rub the mixture over the entire body, from the head to the feet. Honey mixed with coarse salt crystals has wonderful exfoliation properties. After rinsing, the skin will feel smooth as silk. Use once a week for best results.

Amelia Vega Honey Tea (1 serving)

3 teaspoons of honey
1 tea bag (any kind)
1 pinch of salt


Amelia adds honey and a pinch of salt to her tea to stimulate her system when she’s on tour or overworking.

5 songs to listen to while cleaning your house

Is it time to do general cleaning and you are not in the mood? We bring you a selection of topics to help you take the initiative. Which ones would you add to the list?

We know: getting home and everything is super clean and tidy is comforting. But (there is always a but) the truth is that most of us give a lot but a lot of money to roll up to scrub.

Personally I find an ally in music: it is stimulating, relaxes me and predisposes me otherwise to take the broom by the pole and start. Because I believe in the effectiveness of my recipe (and I guess many of you use it ), I leave a selection of songs that should not miss in your track list of home cleaning with shark steam mop reviews. Listen and add your favorite songs to the list!

“Hot Stuff” – Donna Summer
A classic disco music that many will remember one of the best scenes tragicomic film The Full Monty. Do you remember the group of desperate men reviewing the choreography in an unemployment office?

“I want to break free” – Queen
There are many Queen songs that can accompany us on household chores, but it has the bonus of your video clip, which can be a fun Freddy Mercury disguised as a woman and a shop – vac in hand.

“Dude looks like a lady” – Aerosmith
If a housewife with all the letters, that’s Mrs. Doubtfire: kitchen like the gods, clean and care for the boys. Watching him dance to Robin Williams in the skin of this adorable woman is really stimulating (right?).

“Can not Touch This” – MC Hammer
‘s energy Cameron Diaz (Natalie Cook in Charlie’s Angels) in the middle of moving is, the less enviable. If they are a bit lazy, the hip movement of the nice lace will surely infect them. Up and clean!

“Old time rock and roll” – Bob Seger
unforgettable and indelible scene of the film Risky Business in which a young Tom Cruise dances and sings in shirt and underwear to the tune of “Old time rock and roll” by Bob Seger. Cited in programs like Alf and The Nanny, it represents the ideal way to put wave housework losing all shame.

Find more ideas for your house in the Room Finder. If you’re thinking about reforming your house, enters the Direccionario of

If you are looking for solutions for your home, go to redecorate and leave your query. Between Gustavo and the readers we are going to give a solution to your measurement.

Music Can Help You Lose Weight

Who want and need to lose weight know that every novelty in weight loss is always welcome. But have you ever stopped to think that even small things of everyday life, like music , can help you lose weight?

First of all, it’s best to make it clear that it’s not a matter of listening to music and the calories are miraculously disappearing. You need to diet and exercising to let your body as always dreamed, the music will serve as an ally for you to achieve more results. And there are even scientific research evaluating the power of a musical stimulus.

Better understand how music can help you lose weight:

In short, music is a good example of how everything around us influences our desire to eat. Hunger is usually much smaller than the desire for a beautiful dish. Therefore, in addition to using the music, be aware to see if you are not exaggerating without even noticing the reason.

The best 19 songs to cook

What is better than doing something you like? Do it with music! We are happy and even help us to do everything in a more agile way. And although everyone has their personal taste in music, I invite you to take a chance on my playlist for cooking because I know you will find your ideal for cooking song.

1. Banana boat song – Harry Belafonte

It’s perfect to start with. Now that we’ve got the rhythm, let’s get on with it.

2. Vegetables – Beach boys

Something healthy to flavor at this rate.

3. Hot potatoes – The kinks

4. Honey Pie – The Beatles

5. Pork and Beans – Weezer

6. Custard Pie – Led Zeppelin

7. Coffee and TV – Blur

After breakfast with coffee, comes the spicy …

8. Mexican seafood – Nirvana

You will enjoy it especially if your thing is rock.

9. Changüicha la chichona – Molotov

Especially good if you like fast food.

10. I want to purée – The Fools

You know what I want!

11. Cold Tomato Juice – Manal

Let’s go down with some juice.

12. Guacamole – Kevin Johansen

Try some healthy recipes with guacamole. (Http://

13. Red wine – Estopa

Perfect to accompany.

14. Fresh fruit – Carlos Vives

Very sweet.

15 – Mayonnaise – Chocolate

You have to beat very well.

16. Gelatine – Grandchildren of the future

But in the kitchen we never tremble!

17. Cholesterol – Fito Olivares

Let’s continue in our sauce.

18. Flavor to honey – Paulina Rubio

Let’s sing together!

19. With his hands in the dough – Vainica Doble and Joaquín Sabina

This song always whets my appetite.

And while listening to these songs, learn some cooking secrets from http://www.cocina-espanola.esthat will make your life much easier.

What is your perfect song to cook?

5 musical marketing trends in 2016

The digital landscape is constantly changing, and professionals in the music industry should always keep up on new trends, social networking and tools that can mean a good way of promotion for artists. Here we leave five marketing trends for 2016, published on the blog Midem .


Influencers are users of Instagram, YouTube, Vine and Snapchat that have a high number of followers on these platforms, but are not necessarily “famous” in the traditional sense of the word. The most notorious example of one of these Influencers is PewDiePie , the largest worldwide youtuber. These new celebrities continue without really being exploited, except for some big brands and some great artists. But in a world where traffic to blogs has declined, its importance in terms of the press has increased. The most important when working with influencers challenge is to find one with a base median fans that will not represent a high cost . One of the recommended tactics is to look among the fan base itself.

Short Videos:

SnapchatThe short videos continue to grow in importance and the music industry has not yet managed to make the most. This format can be used to make any type of release or disclose any news about the artist, for example, a teaser for a new album, news of a new tour (made by the same artist), or a short version ( 20s) of a video clip to invite fans to see a more detailed version is on Facebook or YouTube.

An interesting development in the video space is that Facebook has the potential to become much more than the platform most important marketing, to also become an important platform video and source of income, since the launch of Rights Manager means that this is imminent.

The other important change from video and Facebook is launching Live Videos, which is being driven strongly by the platform giving prominence in the News Feeds of users. Among the many things he could do an artist with Live Videos are a session of Questions and Answers, soundcheck, videos from backstage, teasers album, studio presentations, and etc. Being close to the fans directly and in real time has never been easier.

Messaging Apps

drive_whatsapp_n6_doubleMessaging apps have not only grown in the past year. The growth that has taken WhatsApp has been amazing, now with 1 billion users and the Messenger of Facebook , with 900 million – an increase of 40-50% in a single year. However the only one that really has been used to successfully marketing music has been the platform Line , which has accounts of celebrities like Taylor Swift who has 23 million followers.

One of the most important developments for Facebook Messenger has the option to create content within the app as gifs and other images, as well as the possibility of contacting company profiles via Messenger. Messaging apps are a space with great potential for digital marketing and has not yet seen the music industry can use it . Although the potential is huge, there is also the danger of being misused users rather stay away, because this space is still considered very personal.

If we include Snapchat as a messaging app, relevance and growth among young audiences is increasing. This is a platform that artists should definitely be used to increase the fan base.

Digital Advertising:

digital marketing Last year the focus was on personalized marketing could be done thanks to all options for re-targeting, based on visits to websites, but also through the remarketing on YouTube. This trend continues to grow, as we have seen Adele has released all its content through its own website to capture as much data as possible, both as data for remarketing emails, visit

But the most interesting development that we have seen this year has been is the introduction of new ad formats . ‘Video click to the website’ and ‘Carousel’ are two new formats for both Facebook and Instagram. And possibly the most important type of ad is the new Canvas Facebook , which allows you to create a whole story within the same ad. The reason it is so powerful for industry, is because it allows include all aspects of the campaign effectively an artist. Why should the seal and the promoter do different campaigns, and in most cases making competition when the two could promote concerts and album in a single ad? Holistic marketing, which allows users to interact with the artist in the way they prefer rather than forcing them to go our way is the best way to do things and there are many more ways to do it now.

Marketing Streaming:

spotify The industry has been demanding access to data streaming platforms for some time, and now we begin to see the tip of the iceberg. In the case of Spotify , they have led some developments, such as the creation of a tab Concerts, and the launch of Spotify Fan Insights, and most importantly, email campaigns aimed at super fans to announce a release or tour.

Data listeners are the most useful and accurate to identify the true fans and can help target campaigns according to the level of interaction metrics. However, the platforms have always been reluctant to share this information for fear that seals / managers / artists to alienate fans by spamming.

The other important change we’ve seen in Streaming has been change since the ban (the famous case of Taylor Swift Spotify removing its material) to the exclusive, in which Apple Music and Tidal the roost . And with the imminent appearance of YouTube Network , the issue of exclusive it will become more frequent. However, this practice results in an incredibly frustrating experience for users.

Spotify is the only service that does not accept exclusive, believing that it is not beneficial to the end user, even when it comes to put your player in a blog for previews of songs. This, coupled now with the new version pays SoundCloud is not possible for this purpose to use him as before, puts the industry in a very hard place when it comes to online PR.

In conclusion, there are many tools with great potential to reach the user, but it is important to unify criteria and decide for campaigns always have priority user experience , or we run the risk of alienating users again.

The 5 best musical movie

With musical films about two things : either you love them or you hate them . Sometimes are hits like The Lion King(1994) and Moulin Rouge (2001), and others are so costly failures that all gender is presumed dead. Think of De Lovely: Life and Loves Cole Porter (2004), The Phantom of the Opera (2005) and the rock era (2012).

Even the power of pop stars could not save the Evita (2006) Madonna and Burlesque ( Burlesque , 2010) with Cher and Christina Aguilera, both of which were destroyed by critics.

Then there is the question of the definition of gender : must have big dance numbers and Oklahoma and South Pacific ? Or films like Once or Hedwig and the Angry Inch qualify as such?

For this reason, we decided to make our list of the 5 best film music thanks to the collaboration of the magazine movie4k, what is your favorite? What do you think is the 1st place?

1. Dancing in the rain (Singing in the Rain, Dir. Stanley Donan and Gene Kelly, 1952)

Perhaps it is the best musical of all time is a rarity in that history is as good as the songs. The plot unfolds in the difficult transition from Hollywood to the talkies. The film is starring Jean Hagan as the silent star with the high-pitched voice, Debbie Reynolds as the naive girl, Gene Kelly as the movie star and Donald O’Connor as his stooge.Can you think of anything more memorable than the dance number in which Gene Kelly dances “Singin ‘in the Rain” in the rain?

2. The Wizard of Oz (The Wizard of Oz, Dir. Victor Fleming, 1939)

The other musical most beloved of all time is starring Judy Garland as Dorothy, the girl who literally takes a tornado and who, along with her little dog Toto, is involved in a mission to find the Wizard, who can help to return home.The Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow, the red shoes, the Munchkins, the Yellow Brick Road … many iconic images that have become part of popular culture. But none like the song “Over the Rainbow”, this Oscar winning film.

3. Les Miserables (Dir. Tom Hooper, 2012)

Based on the popular stage show, Les Miserables deals with broken dreams, unrequited love and redemption in themidst of the economic revolution of France in the mid-nineteenth century. Hugh Jackman is the ex – con reformed Jean Valjean, who is hunted by the inspector Havert (Russell Crowe), while Anne Hathaway is Fantine, who is disgraced and whose daughter Cosette grows and is then played by Amanda Seyfried. It was sung live by completeand lasts 2 hours 38 minutes. It is the perfect example of “love or hate”. Critics are divided.

4. Symphony in Paris (An American in Paris, Dir. Vincent Minnelli, 1951)

The revolutionary musical number 18 minutes of this romance Oscar winner Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron in the lead roles, shows a Paris fantasy in the style of the great French and wrapped painters in a dynamic mix of dance, ballet and film . A classic of all time filmed in Technicolor spectacular, with music by Ira and George Gershwin.

5. Disney animated movies

In this position we place the classic Walt Disney films , because their musical numbers are unforgettable and definitely marked the childhood of many moviegoers. Some of our favorite bands thanks to their stories, characters and musical sequences are:

Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Aladdin, Mulan, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty. Watch this movies on putlocker .